Evidence-based guidance for your e-Commerce

We comprehensively audit your website and traffic sources, summing up the findings in an actionable, understandable report.

Speed up your learnings and leave the analysis to experts. Quickly discover the things you should start, stop and keep doing. 

How do we get started?
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"Being extremely stretched I need a team I can trust 360. I'm grateful for KnowGood's strategic steering & meticulous follow-through."
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"They created a tailored package, specific to my business needs all the while being transparent and working hard to solve problems."
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Behind the curtain

Our secret is - there aren’t any. We use the same tools you use, combining the insights from all of your platforms in order to find patterns in the noise. That's how we reveal the things that matter the most to your business. 

With years of experience working in and running digital businesses, our team are not only experts in using the tools of the trade, they actually know how to wield them to deliver meaningful results.

Our process

Here is how we take you from start to finish.


We start by listening to your priorities and concerns to develop deeper context and empathy for the data we’ll be exploring.

You then give us access to your digital platforms so we can gather the information we need to begin our analysis. 

The guidance you'll receive is based entirely on your data - so the more context we have the better. But we only ever want you to share the things you are comfortable sharing.


With access comes the analysis. Our goal here is to uncover and define existing weaknesses and opportunities - especially the not so obvious stuff.

This involves total immersion in your website, paid traffic and organic traffic. We determine where your users are coming from and how they behave. This will allow us to uncover bottlenecks and opportunities to boost your conversion rates.

We don’t follow the same playbook each time. We find the things that are relevant for your business and hone in on them.


Building on our learning, we pull together the recommendations and insights into a concise playbook.

At this point you will have a set of clearly defined focus areas and actionable strategies for growing your business.

What do I actually get?

● A custom report unique to your business, which provides a comprehensive overview of your digital landscape - fantastic for internal sharing and education.

● Several actionable strategies based entirely on your data for you to validate in order to grow and improve your online business.

● An hour of strategy support with the team on hand to answer any questions you have or to clarify any of the findings.

What to do next

Next stop: validation

Equipped with our report, you’ll be ready and raring to take our actionable strategies through to validation.

We can give you a helping hand here if you need us! As a full-stack digital agency, we are able to validate the insights we provide and help you maintain the performance.

Let us help you make better decisions

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